About me


Hey Folks!!

My name is “AISHA”. Today i would like to share some personal details about me and here it goes….

i am from Kolkata city.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to open my own Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blog to encourage all the women across the world, because i know almost every girl/women wants to be fashionable with the time and look prettier, like i do…. by profession i am not only a Language translator, but also a makeup artist and a fashion analyst, which is my passion.


I came up with my first blog in 11th June, 2017 and i can’t believe myself with so many overwhelming responses in such a short period of time with these few blogs. the contents of my blogs are about all the tips related to fashionable and up to date  clothing and accessories, shoes, bags and makeups to go with it…..

they’ll definitely define your persona as an individual for almost every kind of occasions, seasons, places you regularly hangout and visit.

i.e. my makeup & fashion blog..

If you would like to know more, then please continue reading……….

my makeup and fashion journey so far:-

When i made up my mind and decided to start my own blog, i was a little lost and didn’t know how to go about it. But finally i gathered all my courage and my ideas and started. My fashion statement has always been, ‘perfect fit at the perfect price with the perfect look’ in my blog you’ll find the type of makeup and fashion i do. For fashion you’ll not only find branded clothes, but also local stuffs picked up from street sides in my closet. Different clothing for different occasions and places. Even my shoe racks says the same, but for my makeup kit i prefer going for brands which suits my skin texture as my skin is very sensitive and even for my hair.

Expectation from my blogs???

It will definitely give you new ideas about fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle, which will style up your day to day life with lot more self-confidence, positive vibes and attitude. You can also mix n’match your own ideas of fashion, which might make you feel better to try something new.

Last but not the Least….

I can say that i am lucky enough to have such lovely and supporting family and but obvious my friends who encouraged me to start my own blog. At the moment i couldn’t ask god for more.

once again thank you very much for exhausting some of your precious time to go through ‘About me’.

Love & Regards,


For any kind of queries or to get in touch with me contact at Businessstyleetvogue@gmail.com

P.S. Go for what suits you the best!!!