Glutathione, not everyone is aware of this product which is a highly antioxidant for your body’s skin cells. It’s always referred to as one of the major antioxidant for our skin cells. It detoxifies the cells to give a healthy skin and immunity.

N-Acetylcysteine, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C Effervescent & Glutone 1000 tablets contains “SETRIA GLUTATHIONE”, which is known as the world’s best Glutathione.


It helps giving you an enhanced anti-ageing, brightened & glowing skin. Being a master antioxidant it reduces wrinkles & helps in skin lightening. Works and improves skin cells for both exposed & un-exposed body parts.

Antecedent of Glutathione
Master as an Anti-oxidant
Improves Glutathione level in human bodies
Helps in reducing free Radicals

Helps reducing wrinkles, skin lightening & gives you a glowing skin.
Works on both exposed & un-exposed skin tone by improving any body parts.
Anti-oxidant for skin cells of any body part


Has an essential Vitamin, which is a good water solvent
Improves in absorbing Glutathione
Increases intracellular storage of Glutathione
Helps working in synergy with Glutathione
Big contribution to collagen synthesis in your skin & to normal immune function

Unusual skin tone
Glowing skin and radicals
Wrinkles and ageing skin

Healthy fizzy & tasty drink
Compliant in high usage
Gives you faster result


It has a flavour of Lemon & Lime with an additional
Ingredient of ZINC

Important Points:
It’s safe to consume this product, as these are not any kind of medication, but Health Supplements.
Phyllanthus embelica (Amla/Gooseberry) extract, which is considered as a rich source of vitamin C i.e. contained by EnerC 1000 & Escor Z.
“SETRIA GLUTATHIONE”, which is considered to be world’s best glutathione is contained by Glutone 1000.
Vitamin C & Glutathione both tablets are easily soluble in water as they’re in effervescent form, hence you can drink it easily.
Glutone 1000 has EnerC/Escor Z as an ingredient to give the extra power to provide effective results, coz it has insufficient vitamin C.
Because of the effervescent form of Escor Z and EnerC, which are considered as the best health supplement in the market for Vitamin C gets easily absorb in the body that works along with glutathione tablets and gives essential, effective & wonderful results.

Take a glass of water, then add one tablet each of glutone 1000 and EnerC 1000/Escor Z and wait for 2 minutes for them dissolve completely. After that you can simply drink it like water.
You need to drink it daily in the morning, empty stomach.
Take it for 4 to 5 months to get an effective result, but you’ll be able to see the results from 25-30 days with ideal use and healthy diet.
These products have the most positive reviews in the market by the customers, as it gives you the most glowing, whitening & bright skin.

We would like to advice to the use the Lemon and Lime flavour to the customer, because the Escor Z has an additional advantage of ZINC in it and it’s also my personal favourite because ZINC gives the best result for the body and also because of the Lemon and Lime flavour.
It’s for those who are good with Zinc level or you can also go for Ener C 1000, if you want Orange flavour.
ZINC in Escor Z takes a fringe over EnerC 1000, but don’t worry as both of them give you the same results.

Product link – Glutone 1000

So enjoy your new GLAMOUR!

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