I am pretty much sure that by now most of us, (Fashion Idolizers/Admirers/Lovers) are aware of and has also used TRY SUGAR COSMETICS.

They have recently launched another new line of Charismatic liquid lipstick called SUGAR SMUDGE ME NOT LIQUID LIPSTICKS. Try Sugar Cosmetics is one of the known Indian brands in the present time and also one of my favorite. This company brings the best range of products that are really affordable and easily available in the market. This time they have come up with 10 stunning shades and couldn’t resist myself from getting few them.

Have you ever wished of a ‘one-coated wonder’ product for your luscious lips, then, this is it… You will get a full-blooded burst of pigment with just a single stroke of the SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick that will stay from the day till the night. It will be definitely difficult for you to choose from the 10 stunning shades that lasts long, so are you ready for the test???


Benefits: The SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick gives an opaque pigmentation with just a single stroke, which stays form Dusk to Dawn with zero% fading.

  • This product is tested, 100% safe and certified by dermatologist.
  • Got Matt fix containing Vitamin E, which comes in 10 vibrantly gorgeous shades that will make you an Eye-Catcher!


I have just got 6 shades out of those 10 and they are as follows:

37# HOT APRICOT (Preachy Nude)- A perfect blend of subtle nude and peppy peach to annihilate the day with grit and grace for all stop and stare with a classy, yet powerfully Hot Apricot.

38# DOSE OF ROSE (Rosy Mauve)- A pretty pink nude shade to flatter all the fairy, medium and tanned skin tones. It’s a beautiful subtle, nude & pink shade that I can wear any day and also one another favourite shade of mine.

39# PINK SYNC (Rosy Magenta)- A radiant blend of royal rose and majestic magenta , which brings out the bubbliest part within you like none other. Feels like the Prom Queen with the brilliance of Pink Sync.

40# FUCHSIA FANTASIA (Fuchsia Plum)- A flattering union of plum and pink , which is all you need to stride out and seize the day. People may stare & ogle at you, but they’ll never dare once you wear the super powers of Fuchsia Fantasia.

41# GOTTA TERRACOTTA (Burnt Orange)- An inimitable burnt orange that will draw everyone to you like a moth to a flame. Do you think that you’ve fire in your heart & soul? Then Embrace the feisty and fearless hues of Gotta Terracotta.

42# TOAST ROAST (Deep Reddish Brown)- A divine concoction of this rich rustic reddish brown lets you be your bomb-ass self & slay the day away. You can raise a toast to the rebel in you with the Toast Roast.

PRICE: INR 499/- for 4.5ml

How to Apply: To be specific, since they have a pigmented formula, you need to apply it to your lower lip first and then to your upper lip. While applying the shade don’t forget to keep your lips compressed together.

Packaging is almost the same like the previous products. It has got an ‘A’ square shaped mini tube with a black cap & a long doe-foot applicator and the tag is also mentioned on the outer cover, as well as on the bottom of the lipstick. The box comes with all the necessary detailed information and proper description about the product.


SUGAR SMUDGE ME NOT LIQUID LIPSTICKS has got a light weight formula, which has a thin liquid consistency. It ha a smooth application, after which it dries out into a matte finish within a few seconds. It has a great pigmentation and goes opaque in just one single coat. They’re not patchy at all, but it takes a minute or so to dry and it doesn’t crumble at all. Felt the presence of more improvement in the formula, which enhances the fine lip lines and I simply love them. If you have dry lips then apply some good oil based lip balm before the application of these liquid lipsticks, which will be comfortable for you.

As for me, I tried both the ways, (with & without applying lip balm) and it felt better when moisturized with a good oil balm.

Coming to the zeist, that they are not patchy at all and simply smudge & transfer proof.


Overall, it just needs a bit of more moisturized for gals having dry lips. Other than that, it’s an awesome product and I’m sure everyone is going to love them. I have got 6 shades of them and am enjoying the feel. Lot of people hesitates trying new stuffs, but trust me if you gals try these items, you’re not going to regret. It’s going to be one of your best partners.

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