‘SUGAR’ all set to go translucent make-up powder review!

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Today we are going to talk about the newly launched All Set to Go Translucent Make-Up Powder from SUGAR.

I realize that I have accumulated enough of HD setting powders. But recently I came across this new Translucent Powder from SUGAR, which I got hold of. Now I can see that why everyone raves about them- they are class apart, as they are a combination of both setting and translucent powder. Read on the detailed review on All Set to Go Translucent Make-Up Powder.

Product Description:

Warm your facial skin with SUGAR’S new All New Set to Go Translucent Powder. It sets your foundation and reduces extra glow & shine by correcting redness and pink undertones. It’s sieve to prevent clumping and ensures easy application. It’s formulated in ITALY and also a Cruelty-Free product that goes easy on your skin. Don’t forget to shake the box before use.

How to Use:

In the powder box you’ll find a puff for you to apply the powder. Make sure the puff is evenly saturated by massaging the powder into it properly, but don’t forget to tap off the excess powder. Next, remember to keep the puff folded in half and then put your finger inside the fold, then press and roll it on your skin- this will ensure that you are not moving your foundation or concealer out of place.


Talc, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol & Hexylen Glycol.


INR 599

My Experience with All Set to Go Translucent Powder:

I will have to say that I am simply in love with this product. Although this isn’t a festive season here in West Bengal, but I was wearing it for setting my foundation for all my Photo shoots, Parties or any other Social functions. This sets up my make-up for almost more than 8 hours. Girls with very oily cheeks might show some traces, but otherwise, it is an absolute fabulous product. The product is almost like talcum and is perfect to hide some pink & grey undertones on my skin. This also helps to highlight the contoured area underneath the jaw line. The powder is not gritty at all, it feels like talc and it does not feel too thick or thin. It completely blends and sits on the skin wherever I need.  It is also great for the under-eye area, as it adds brightness to the skin. It’s not over the top, so I still need my highlighter, because it is base of your make-up. I would also like to point out that since I have a mix skin texture, depending on the climate and weather my skin becomes dry or oily. So when I get oily skin, it works absolutely brilliant and when I get dry skin it feels a bit cakey by adding a layer. Then I like to use matey foundation with this powder and set it, but try to avoid luminous foundation, because this will just do the opposite for you. For me, a solution is just to use a setting spray over this to avoid patchiness in anyway. Apart from this I simply love this powder for my skin, remember it does not camouflage pores or scars. I shake the box before opening and it has a small little puff to use the powder for face.

Pros of All Set to Go Translucent Powder:

  1. Smooth as talc.
  2. Sets my concealer and foundation for more than 8 hours easily.
  3. Hides my red undertones with tone for the powder.
  4. The amount of the product will last long time for me.
  5. Works as a brightening and setting powder for me.

Cons of All Set to Go Translucent Powder:

  1. On dry skin it might look a bit patchy.
  2. You might need to use a setting spray to get rid of the patchiness.

Thank you ‘SUGAR’ for sending me the Translucent Powder.

Would I want to Purchase or Recommend the new All Set to Go Translucent Powder?

Yes, obviously I will… For Oily skin that needs some correction for the grey and pink undertones, it’s great. This powder makes your make-up stay longer than a compact. I can see buying it for myself.

Highly Recommended!

Hopefully all of my readers will go for it and you all will give it a try.

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