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Most of us like camping, but still unaware of many beautiful places in India, like a place called DHANAULTI at Kanatal in Uttarakhand.
Mussoorie, known as the queen of hills because of her beauty which has always been a tourist attraction and not many people know about this place called Dhanaulti on the Kanatal hill, which is almost un-touched & un-explored. It’s a great place to unwind for those sudden and unplanned holidays/vacations. There is much more to explore over there, like Trekking, Rappelling, Rock climbing, camping and etc… Nature’s mesmerizing way of welcoming tourist at Uttarakhand, maybe it just seems to be a stopover for travellers. Dhanaulti in Kanatal is one of the favourable camping destinations for people who are aware of this place.
Here are things you can do and enjoy when you’re at Dhanaulti-
     Jungle Safari

Kodia forest, is well known for its jungle safari to have quite a wonderful experience. This jungle can be a home for a few days like staying on the mountains by renting a home as well. Welcome, Accommodation, Foods will all be like the mountain culture. Simply forget the city life for some days and get into some recreation in the huts of Kanatal. As the jungle is covered with thick flora & fauna, it presents a range of wildlife habitat as well, like Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Wild Boar, Nilgai, etc which are harmless & easily noticeable. You will also notice some rare species of birds.
    Camping at Dhanaulti

Have a group of friend who loves adventure and travelling? Then this is the right place for your next camping destination. You can carry your tent or rent a tent or wooden cottage. Just simply forget all your tensions and dance around a Bonfire, make some meat kebabs or roasts or lie around and gaze at the stars. This place will give you an experience to unwind and feel free… If you go alone to this place, then it’s recommendable to carry your own camping stuffs.


A wonderful & vivid pass for Nature giving you a picturesque view of the lovely landscape with colours of wild orchids and thick vegetations You can also get in contacts with some extinct animals like Musk Deer, Wild Boar, Goral, etc to make your trip much more interesting.
    Rappelling and Rock climbing

These adventurous activities are generally took care by private or local organisers. The Kanatal hill has got rocky outcrops high regional cliffs as well, where these kind of favoured rappelling & rock climbing activities take place.

    Cross Valley on Rope Valley

Crossing a distance between two valleys with a depth of 80 feet is not a matter of joke, but thrilling for all the people who loves adventure. It’s one of the best & thrilling activities to cross between valleys by rope. The picturesque will give you a basic view of the adventurous ride, which provides a gateway for the extended holidays.

The KANATAL hill at Dhanaulti is not been visited frequently by many people and is also unexplored. It will definitely give you a peaceful and calm environment with some fun activities.
If you get a chance then do visit the place, trust me you’ll simply love it!
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