Hello Friends,
Today I am gonna share about my Dubai Vacation and why I would love to go to Dubai again.
Dubai is one of the favorite travellers destination in the whole world.

Everybody in this world is aware of the city called DUBAI, in the UAE…
I had no idea about how beautiful this place and my experience would be…
Dubai is second largest in population out of the seven cities in UAE,  to create the most attractions like “ Landmarks, shopping malls, parks, nightlife and Hotels of choices and in ratings, as it is legally secured. No ways that you can say anything about the cleanliness of Dubai, as compare to any other beautiful cities in the world.

The first place I would like to talk about is Burj Khalifa.
You must visit when you are at Dubai…




It’s stands 828 meters high, the world’s tallest building. The true natural majesty of the building is most appreciated when you look from inside. You need to have a look around the city from the OBSERVATION DECK, which is on the 124th floor. The new Deck Observatory is on the 148th floor. Which gives you the whole view of Dubai. Anybody who goes to Dubai do go to see or have some kind of experience with Burj khalifa. And not to forget to mention that without visiting Burj khalifa your Dubai experience is incomplete.


It is a definite place for shopaholic, The world’s largest mall for for variety of your entertainments, shopping and leisure destination. It has more than 1200 retail outlets for you to shop any branded or designer clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, ornaments, etc. check out the fashion avenue, where you can get the largest collection from Armani, Zara, Stella Mccartory, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Giordano, Tommy Hilfiger, Caterpillar and more, it goes on…
The Dubai AQUARIUM is also located there, which also children’s theme park and the Dubai Ice Skating Rink and last but not the least, the largest food court with the variety of cuisine and chain of food outlets.


The 10 Million – litre water tank at the Dubai Aquarium is one of the largest collection of sand Tiger Sharks. The Aquarium is home to 140 species of sea life and has several ways to experience the underwater life, starting with a stroll through a 48-metre walk-through the tunnel. It’s a complete fish-eye view, with sand tiger sharks and stingrays swimming overhead. You can also take a glass- bottom boat tour, get wet in a snorkeling cage and even go swimming with the sharks in an oxygen tank.
Go scuba diving, opt for a glass bottom boat ride, swim with the sharks and explore many species of fish at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Otters, piranha, Humboldt penguins, Cayman crocodiles, lion fish, giant spider crabs and more – you will find them all here. It’s a must visit, especially if travelling with kids. Don’t forget to shop for exciting souvenirs at the Aquarium store.


Have you ever seen a large number of colorful water dance? Now here is a chance- every day you get a chance to witness it at the Dubai Fountain.
The Dubai Fountain, which is also located at the entrance of Burj khalifa’s territory. It features the world’s largest well choreographed fountain dance system, this popular sun-et-lumiere show rises 22,000 gallons of water, as high as 150 meters in the air at every single time it dances. Each colorful Illuminati, jet sways differently with different sound of music each time. The beam of light show shining upward can be seen from more than 30 Kms away.
The Dubai Fountain show has become the most popular event show in Dubai. And i not to forget to mention that without visiting Burj khalifa your Dubai experience is incomplete.
Now the next place i’m going to talk about is Dolphinarium.


Dubai Dolphinarium brings you one of the most fascinating & unique indoor attractions in the UAE – The Illusion , Dolphin & Seal show.
Be dazzled in the mind-blowing spectacular showcase by the jaw dropping talents of our master illusionist “Max” & performances by the most friendly & highly intellegent, trained & talented bottle nose dolphins & playful seals on stage.
I really enjoyed the show, it was a great fun. I am sure that people of every age will enjoy the fun filled show.
Now i will talk about Desert Safari.



Dubai is a huge playground for adventurous enthusiasts. Hitting the desert sands in a monstrous 4×4 SUV is where the fun begins. While you’re here, indulge in dune bashing, sand boarding, quad biking and camel desert safaris. You can hire your own tent, take some time to relax while watching a show compiling of knife throws, rural magics, talking birds and last but not the least, the authentic native dance performed by the elegant dancers. And you can also hold n carry the Eagles/Hawks in your arms like your own pet, as i did…

Now let’s talk about one of the worlds largest and biggest 7 star hotels, ‘Burj Al Arab’ obviously in Dubai.


The hotels distinctive sail – shaped silhouette has made it an iconic symbol of modern Dubai. Often voted as the world’s most Luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab is one of the Regions most famous tourist landmarks.
The Burj Al Arab sets a new standard for hospitality superlatives, including an under water aquarium restaurant that you reach through a simulated submarine voyage. A fleet of Rolls-Royce’s on the forecourt and the famous helipad that has hosted numerous celebrity stunts. Where else will your cappuccino be sprinkled with gold dust?

And now let’s talk about some little bit of fun and sports on the beach.


Kite surfers and spectators unite at the popular and well named kite beach, situated across the way from the Al Manara Road junction. With water sport operators available along the sand, you can rent equipment and test your skills against the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf.
Or just to simplify sit back and enjoy the kite surf show, Children’s play areas and great view of the Burj Al Arab which also promises a memorable beach day.

Coming from the views, funs, shopping eating, shows, etc. I would also like to share some experience about culture and tradition of Dubai, which can be find at the Madinat Jumeriah in Dubai.









If you’re looking for an experience that combines tradition, culture and luxury then come to Madinat Jumeirah inspired by an ancient Arab citadel. Madinat Jumeirah, which means city of Jumeirah, houses, Luxury hotels, Private enclave built in the traditional style!
The world class Water spa, the Madinat souk, a 1000 – seat theatre and 44 Restaurants cum bars.
You can also explore the “Arabiancity” on traditional wooden abras (wooden water taxis), giving you the chance to appreciate the serene waterways and architecture of the wind tower and forts.
And last but not the least, the world famous Dubai Gold. We all know Dubai has a big market place for gold.


If you are or not in the famous market places for precious metals in Dubai, you just need to walk through the Gold Souk.
You’ll witness the world’s largest and most authentic gold jewelleries & gemstones from Dubai, India and many more, crafted in 22k and 18k.


A man-made archipelago, Palm Jumeirah, which is also known as PALM ISLAND- which is artificially created using land reclamation by NAKHEEL. It offers a host of tourist activities to indulge in from up-market shopping malls to hotels to luxury beach resorts, it has it all. Palm Jumeirah is yet another example of Dubai’s uninhibited fantasies put perfectly in perspective. A 6-lane highway bridge leads to the man-made island which clearly stands out among all other Dubai attractions. The marvel is also home to the popular Atlantis – The Palm and a number of exciting theme parks. If you look at the area from top, it gives you a perfect picture of a palm tree.

How to forget about the cruise liners on the Arabian Sea, as Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf Coast…


A dinner Dhow Cruise takes you through the magical Dubai Creek and gives you the opportunity to create beautiful memories with your loved ones. You will be welcomed with an exotic Arabic tea as you board any one of a traditional ship decked with light and enjoy the breathtaking views and clicking beautiful pictures against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s city lights.



The bus network in Dubai is run by the Roads and Transport Authority. These buses connect all major landmarks and are very comfortable. You can buy a Nol card at the bus station before boarding to ride. These buses run every 15-20 minutes, except on Fridays, when the frequency is a bit low. You can also take the economical Big Bus sightseeing tour which takes you to all the popular attractions, offers live commentary and free admission to the Dubai Museum and a Dhow cruise.


This is one of the most commonly used and efficient modes of public transport in Dubai. It holds the record of being the world’s longest fully automated metro rail network, with two lines (Red and Green) operational from 5am till 12 midnight.


Taxis are a convenient way of getting around Dubai. 24 hrs of easy access throughout the city. You will always find a long queue waiting outside every possible shopping malls and other attractions. Starting with a minimum of Dh 3, the fare increases at a rate of Dh 1.60 per kilometre.

Water Bus:

The Air-Conditioned Water Bus was launched by the Marine Agency at Roads & Transport Authority providing a smooth and safe transit across the Dubai Creeks.
This is an economical and preferred way to travel from Bur Dubai to Deira and vice versa.

Self drive:

Vehicles are driven on the right side of the road and you need to have a credit card and a domestic and international driver’s license to hire a car in Dubai. However, this is not recommended due to the several traffic congestion which are expected throughout the day.

Things you should carry along with you:

Light cotton clothes and sunblock for the humid and dry hot weather.
Travel adapters and converters (electricity in Dubai is 220 Volts and plug types C, D and G are used).
Caps, sunglasses and shoes for the desert safari
Swimming suits and beach gear. I don’t have to mention about the party wears, do i 🙂…

So these are few of the best places to visit and things to do whenever you go to Dubai.
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On these websites you’ll get reasonable discounts and offers for fooding, lodging, activities, parties, sightseeing, etc.

I had a lovely experience and a great vacation at Dubai and i hope you will do the same. So, i’ll suggest everyone, that whenever you get a chance you must visit Dubai to experience paradise on earth.
An unforgettable Vacation!!!

Thanks & Regards,

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