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Today I’m here to review about a product which has recently made headlines. ‘ACTIVATED CHARCOAL’, a purifying peel off mask by the brand name HEALTHVIT. You’ll find these product on the net these days, as it’s very famous because of the product quality.
Firstly, let’s talk about the brand ‘HEALTHVIT’.
It’s a 48 yrs old MNC known for the Production of Herbo-Nutra products for healthcare and fitness with a reliable result. Healthvit products are available at known online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Naykka and also their own website (Healthvit).
Activated Charcoal Peel off Purifying Mask 
It’s a face mask the rejuvenates, purifies and helps skin to breathe 100% Naturally. This Purifying Cleansing Peel off Mask is…
Specially Formulated to Peel Black heads, dirts, unblock clogged pores and spot causing backteria away.
It acts like a magnet to withdraw the most deeply rooted impurities on your facial skin. The mostly used ingredient are Calendula and Rosemary, Which helps in rebalancing and restore a fresh, healthy and glowing complexion.
Direction of Usage 
Wash your face at dry with a proper face wash, which is suitable for your facial skin texture.
Apply a good amount ( medium to thick layer) of charcoal Peel Off Mask on the required area on your face, but make sure to avoid your lips, hairline area, eyebrows, eyelashes and eye area.
Love it on till 30mins or it fully dries and then peel it off gently from below.





CHARCOAL Puritying Peel off Mask
It is a really wonderful & exciting experience to use this particular product. Nowadays, it’s a new trend to use products having charcoal as in their ingredient to remove & clear dust, impurities and spots.
We must have heard or known from our forefathers and ancestors that charcoal cleans and extracts dust particles and dirt molecules from our teeth, same as they do it for our face.
The packaging of the product looks normal & simple.
The mask is jet black in color has a smell like nail paint remover.
When I first applied this Peel off Mask on my face, it was smooth and dried off in about 20 to 22 minutes. Peeling off this mask is not easy, but not even difficult. It needs 2 or 3 washes to clear the entire mask off your face or more…
You might not see the result on the first wash, but you’ll gradually notice the positive effects on your face.
Coming to the Pros and Coms 
Doesn’t remove/clean entire blackheads and Whitehead’s on first go.
Takes a bit time to completely peel-off.
Doesn’t smells like a beauty Fragrance.
It makes your skin soft and gentle and doesn’t feel dry.
It cleans, cares and tightens your skin.
Removes dirt, excess oil and repair damage facial skin.
Overall I’m happy and satisfied with the product called Activated Charcoal Purifiying Peel off Mask from Healthvit. 
It helps in getting rid of excess oil from facial skin, which absorb dirt from pollution and gives you a clean, clear, soft, gentle and glowing skin with lesser whiteheads and blackheads.
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