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I am planning for a holiday next month and that is when I came to know about a Passport holder from one of my friend. I really felt the need of a passport holder, as i need to organize other things for my trip also. I know how awkward it is to look into your bag for each and every documents. You probably end up holding your passport, boarding pass & visa in one hand and your wallet carrying your cash (foreign currency), debit & credit card in other hand, while your sling/hand bag hanging on one of your shoulder…Gosh!!!
Don’t you think it’ll be better if you can keep all your important, urgent & emergency document in one place and be rest assure that they’re safe?
A passport holder is not only just an accessory, but an important travel requirement to be organized while you are traveling.

While traveling abroad we constantly worry about misplacing, losing or forgetting our important documents, cash, credit/debit cards and passport. Basically you should separate your cash by keeping some currency in your wallet and some in the passport holder. Again, it’s a great idea if you can keep your ID cards, debit cards & credit card sorted and safe.


Today I am going to share my experience with a company whose production deals with Luxury travel essentials and that is an Original Leather Passport Holder which I received from URBY!
I got a premium quality beige colored original passport holder, which was customized for me as per as my choice of color and my name, “AISHA” being embossed on it with Golden color.
This passport holder is a wanderlust collection from URBY, which came in a well packed black caton box.
The overall packaging was of top notch, as it was in a thin plastic film secured in a canvas draw string pouch like how it should be for any luxury brand. The passport holder is handcrafted in tough durable leather, which looks like a premium quality with a posh and stylish look.
The passport holder is made of soft and genuine leather with a suede finish and inside the pocket there is valvet to keep the passport and the cards non-bruised. On the front of the holder the word ‘PASSPORT’ is mentioned at the top center and any name ‘AISHA’ is embossed in golden at the bottom right corner. Trust me it gives a feel good feeling and an awesome look.

This wanderlust passport holder is one the best one offered by URBY. It can serve well as an important and good organizer for frequent travelers.



Once you open the holder, you’ll find 3pockets to keep your debit cards, credit cards and ID cards on the left side. There’s also one spacious slot to store any other important documents or even coins. It also has an open pocket to keep your boarding pass safe and on the right side there is a slot for your passport, on the back of the holder there’s another slot where you can keep some of your foreign currency for instant need or some thing else… so all your important travel documents are kept in one single beautiful and luxurious passport holder.
This is how my passport holder look after organizing it with all my documents mentioned above. Here goes the specifications, size and cost effects:
The beige color customized wanderlust original leather passport holder with your name embossed on it in golden costs only Rs. 1695 and an extra Rs. 150 for personalization.
-Handcrafted in original Premium Leather.
-Sleek enough to slide-in-sleeve for your passport
-A slot for other cards and cash
-3slot for credit and debit cards
-A spacious section for folded tickets, boarding pass & other immediate important documents.
-A slot at the back for currencies and and other pay tickets or pay cards.
Size : 9.5cm width / 13.5cm Length / 0.2cm Height. Thoughts.
I simply like my new passport holder from URBY, as it’s not only customized according to me but also looks  classy in my hands.
It will also give you a real picture about how organized I am and I don’t have to keep looking for things waisting my time if i am late for reporting or boarding on time. I would ask and suggest all of my followers and people reading my blog to visit the website called URBY and get a beautiful passport holder. It will be an important and an useful thing in your life for you to cherish throughout, you’ll find a wide range of styles, textures, colors and different ranges of price to suit n’fit your requirements.




Know About URBY:
URBY is a direct-to-consumer, lifestyle and travel accessories brand. They design and manufacture essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. You can also check their wide range of travel wallets, luggage tags, pouches and many more…
Visit URBY website to check their wide range of passport holders on www.urby.in

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Travel Wallets: http://www.urby.in/travel-wallets

That’s all for today, hope that not only you enjoy the post but also the URBY website. Do leave your comments below and subscribe as well…
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