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Today we are going to talk about one of our most precious god gifted inborn ornament/feature, which is HAIR. We all know that Hair plays a major role in the look of a girls beauty.
We tend to style our hair according to different occasions depending upon the circumstances and the weather. And in order to do so, we need to have healthy and damage free hair for which we need to take good care of our hair. We can only do that when we know the quality, texture, in and out about our hair and the base of hair growth, which is our SCALP.
Nobody wants to lose their hair, as it’s one of the major part, which gives you the styling part for different occasions.
We often use lemon juice to get rid of dandruff, we apply egg to nourish our hair pore and condition our hair, apply heena to soften our hair, etc. We keep on trying different shampoos, conditioners, serum, etc.
Every now and then to do different type of style for different occasions. But never fully satisfied with one product, because no product can give you all qualities you need.
We all go out of our house for several reasons and the main thing which damages our hair the most is pollution, be it dust or smoke. We girls have long hair, so it is not always possible for us to shampoo or cleanse our hair daily.

Keeping these facts in mind for quite sometime now I was in search for a product, which will keep my hair healthy, nourished, clean and will damage as less as possible.

I came across the PANTENE PRO-V 14 days challenge, where they promised less hairfall, less dandruff, full volume hair and soft texture.
The challenge was to apply Pantene Pro-V Hairfall control Shampoo & Conditioner on one half of my hair and any other shampoo ( for test ) on the other half of the hair, which I did for fourteen (14) days and the result was splendid, as I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Compliments were literally showering on me regarding my hair by my parents, relatives, friends and every other Associates.
I am very much satisfied with the product, as my hairfall is been controlled, less dandruff, it feels smooth, silky and nourished with a bouncy feel because of the enhanced volume. It also gives a sweet lovely fragrance to my hair.
Now I don’t get scared or think twice before curling, straightening, blow-drying or any type of hair styling. I  am sure that I am going to use this product much longer than I thought, until I come across something better than this…
Last but not the least I have also come across another helpful product from Pantene, which is Pantene total Damage care shampoo.
It helps prevent hair loss, prevents split ends, reduces dandruff’s, removes oil & dirt from your scalp and hair, repair every damaged strand of your hair, no need to Dye your hair, and doesn’t roughness your hair even after you color them, it takes care from the root of your each and every hair strand.
I am not saying that every one will get the best result out of it, but more or less every body will get positive experience.

Like every product this one also has some pros and cons, so i am providing with few important points to help serve your needs according to your hair quality.


Cleanse the scalp and Hair properly
Removes oil and repair damaged hair
Moisturizer and Nourishes dry hair, even without the condition
Prevent hair split ends
Typical sweet and decent Pantene smell
Friendly packaging for travel purpose
Gives proper Lather
Reasonably priced
Cavses hairfall if not suited
It has few chemicals
Might take sometime for some people to show its positivity
People who had or has using Pantene must have seen the positive result, so I would reavest you to carry on using the product and those who still has not used Pantene to them I’ll say that it’s worth a try.
Enjoy & keep me posted
Thanks & Regards


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