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Today I am going to talk about, how to take care of your facial skin naturally by cleaning them with natural products.
Whenever we walk into a beauty product store or in a super market’s Makeup & Beauty products counter, we simply get spell-bound by similar products by different brand manufacturers with all of them having different style, shape, colors & pattern of logo of the containers having same outcome/result with a bit of similar and different ingredients/remedies. 
Beware! Thought the manufacturers promises a natural remedy but most of them (80%), has got harmful chemicals.
These chemicals are not only harmful for the environment by polluting it, but also our skin. Despite of all these, the manufacturers of the product goes on promising you instant fairness, glowing skin, early youth skin texture, softness and so on so forth.
Not to mention, but we all know that human body is consist of 70% of water.
We have often heard from our great grand parents, grandparents, parents and other elders to drink as much as water we can consume each time.
Water hydrated and cleans the internal system of a human body, which regulates the flow of our blood circulation.
Water helps your skin to breathe freely by diluting the toxins and throwing them out of your body by different means, as water alone is the great purifier and cleanser. Through it sounds very orthodox, but medically and scientifically proven as well.
Enough of how useful and helpful water is, let us talk about the positivity of natural products instead of the negativity of chemical products.
5 Best natural ways to keep your skin Clean & Healthy.

Milk is an effective cleaner, as it is gentle and useful for all types of facial skin texture, as it allows all skin type to absorb its nutrients to give you a fresh look & feel. Milk also softens your skin tissues to give you a brighter look and also lightens up your dark spots or patches. You can also apply milk around your neck along with your face to get an even skin tone. If you add up a pinch of salt with milk while applying then it will help exfoliate the dead skin and skin cells resulting in removing the impurities which in turn makes more easier for the skin to absorb/ grasp the milk nutrients.
Using milk and salt together. Take a few tablespoons of milk and pour it in a small glass or a small bowl, remember the quantity of milk should be according to the usage for your face and neck. Add a medium pinch of salt in the milk and mix it well.
After that soak a cotton ball in the mixture, then dab the cotton ball on your face and move it in a circular motion all over your face and neck.
Once you’re done rinse it off with only water, restrict from cleaning with any face wash or soap.

Honey is another great single use ingredient as a cleanse. It helps in removing impurities from the facial skin without exfoliating it, as much as salt does. It is also known as the natural and gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. Honey has great probiotic, anti- bacterial and anti-infective qualities.
Honey is a great cleanser and nourisher which helps in reducing inflammation for people having sensitive skin with issues like rashes, patches, breakouts or opposite reactions. 
Using Honey and milk together – create a mask like consistency by mixing honey and milk together.
Apply the pack on your face and around your neck for few minutes to let it dry completely and then rinse it off with water only.

Natural ingredients, which is very effective at extracting the impurities on your skin and unclogging the pores to exfoliate & cleanse your facial skin. Oatmeal has a rich nutrient as part of the ingredients as, ‘BETA-GLUCAN’, it acts as major helping hand in stimulating the collagen production to heal the damage skin quicker.
Using oatmeal, Honey & milk together mix all three ingredients with little bit of water make a face pack like consistent mask and apply it on your face as well as around the neck in a circular motion. Let it dry for 15 minuets and then wash it off with water to experience a softer and cleanser skin.

Chickpea powder is renowned as world’s one of the oldest cleanser and softner for facial skin. It is best for evening/night out gores, as it softens and maintains your skintone. Recommended for people having oily skins and/or combination skins. A big no no for people with dry skin texture. 
Using chickpea powder-there are different ways of using chickpea powder, but the best way is to mix chickpea powder, milk and turmeric powder/paste.
The paste like mixture acts like a cleansing mask, so apply it on your face, lower chin and neck. Leave it on for sometime to dry up, then just simply rub it off like you do with other cleansing mask. Wash your face off with water after few minutes.

Cucumber has some very important natural ingredients, which tightness your skin, lightens your skin tone and also softens your facial skin giving you a great feel. We have often seen people using cucumber slices on top of their closed eyes to get rid of dark circles. Very few people knows that cucumber can be of other great uses as well.
Like you can blend cucumber in a blending machine to avail fresh cucumber juice. The watery mixture can be used as a great facial toner and even there is no need to rinse it off, as it is a perfect evening toner the natural ingredients nourishes your skin during you sleep.
Going back to the introduction, where I mentioned maximum number of products uses harmful chemicals – i am glad to inform you, that there are also some organic beauty product companies who not only understands the importance of the ingredients offered by nature to keep it natural, steady and long lasting, but also deals with the readymade mixtures of the above mentioned remedies and lot more….
There are many retailers who deals with organic beauty products only like nourished life, muktioganics, VLCC, etc. just google it and you’ll find a lot of options and if at any point of time you find the natural/organic products costly/expensive, then you need to simply log into  and check out the savings option, which will help you with hundres of discount coupons to purchase any natural products from the organic beauty retailer.
Try using the remedies regularly or as often as possible. I am 100% sure that you’ll find a difference in a positive manner. 
As always, I will look forward for your comments.
Bye for now and do take, good care of yourself.
Thanks & Regards

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