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Previously i had to visit the salon for for all these minor things, as i didn’t have much knowledge about them…..i am not much into manicure and pedicure, but yes i do regularly scrub & moisturizer my hands and feet for better care.

One authentic foot scrub. I use is SPA CEYLON GREEN MINT FOOT SCRUB and at times when i require, i use my DLY Scrub method for my hand, feet and nail care. These products are from VLCC and after using them i found my hands and feet very soft and clean, nails were clean & feeling and confidence. My friends use to ask me that how many times do i go to a parlor in a week, i just used to laugh it away…. i shared the details with my family and friends and they tried and lot of them still use these products.
It’s a 5 step procedure, which needs to be followed to use the VLCC manicure, pedicure, Hand and foot care kit.

Step 1: Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

Pore the contents into a bucket of luke warm water. Soak your feet/hands for 15 to 20 mins. Rinse and wipe clean with a hot towel.

Step 2: Myrrh Cuticle Oil

Take appropriate amount and message well into cuticles for 10 to 15 mins

Step 3: Pediglow Hand and Foot Scrub

Apply appropriate quantity over hand/feet and message well for 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe away with warm and damp towel

Step 4: Cocoa Butter Hand and Foot Cream

Apply generously over your hand and feet and message for 10 mins. Wipe off with hot towel.

Step 5: Orange Anti-Tan Pack

Apply the contents evenly as a pack on the desired area. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wipe away with moist cotton

All set and good to go…….

Product packaging :- all the items ( except the cuticle oil ), comes in a flip cap tube. The cuticle oil comes in sealed long neck tube, where you’ll have to cut the tip of it so that the oil comes out slowly & drop by drop. Now let’s go ahead with the usage of the product according to step by step according to my experience.

Just to share one of my personal experience, beside following the product step by step i have also used them separately.

e.g. I have only used the cleanser on odd occasions, at times i have only use the cuticle oil for my nails when it turns yellow after having oily food with my hand, also used the scrubber on my feet after a long walk if required, carried and used the moisturizer and lot more…. so i believe this is a value for product you won’t regret and definitely pamper your hand & feet with happiness. Also it. Will enhance your self confidence, as your hand & feet are the most visible part of your body even if you’re fully covered with your dress.

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