Diamonds are women’s best friend!!!

Nowadays you can hardly find any women who can resist diamonds and doesn’t have one….. it’s the best gift to women in any special moment to make it more memorable be it wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, valentine’s day, etc……

Tips to buy diamonds:

Diamonds are weighed & measured by carats. If you’ve a constraint budget, then go for low carat diamonds.

Clarity of diamonds depends according to their range, as they are classified or categorized into 11 grades/standards/types/kinds. We all know that any product with less flaws are much more expensive than the one with more flaws, so it goes same with diamonds as well.

To identify the quality of a diamond you should be aware of the color, where the letters from D to Z ( D-light yellow to Z-Brown ) gives you the proper knowledge to identify a diamond. The best and affordable diamonds can be identified by the color ranges from G to J.

Any Diamonds proportion, polish, symmetry and value depends on their final cut. The cut defines the value of a diamond according to the width, angles, symmetry and shapes. Diamonds are categorized into 5 different types/kinds, as poor, fair, good, very good and excellent.
Shopping of diamond on and kind of jewelry can be done from any jewelry shop, but i would recommend you to purchase diamond from and branded or reputed shop like Malabar Gold & Diamond, PC jewelers, etc. With the hallmark of IGI or GIA which can help you to get a resale value in the future, if you want to sell it.

Maintaining diamonds are a bit of care than other jewelry. keep your diamonds separate other ornaments/jewelry. if you’ve going for a swim or shower or a hand/face wash please remove your diamond jewelry. Do not put on your diamond jewelry before applying your makeup or perfume, as any kind of alcohol or chemical can take away the shine of your stone,( which is diamond ). Whenever you are wearing your jewelry, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth.

‘DIAMOND’ is one of the most precious stone. It can come in a pendent, stud, necklace, ring and a very precious gift for women.
This is a Diamond blog for your diamond day. Cheers !!!!



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