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Today my post is all about makeup. I would like to share few product that bought a few week ago and i think that it’s essential for you. I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now, as this post was supposed to go up quite a long time ago. But i was caught up with the time, but better lader than never ever eh!!! So let us get into it…. Now I’m going to talk about how these product worked on my skin. Lemme inform you that I’ve an oily skin tone. The T-zone is the most oily part of my face skin texture.

 The product might or may not work on skin (depends). Depending upon or feel that you should look different or my skin should react differently to compliment my looks.
To avoid the oiliness from my face, use face wash, which helps me controlling the oil. My current usage is CLEAN AND CLEAR deep action oil control face wash .

Just give it a try!

The products I’m going to mention today are:

L’Oreal infallible 24hr foundation

L’Oreal match concealer

sivanna color skin primer

L’Oreal matte magique compact 

First of all i apply my foundation and than my concealer, b’coz the foundation covers up most of your false makeup and it doesn’t come out as well and it stays for a long time. Definitely it does need a touch up or it shouldn’t fade away. over all i love putting up foundation and I’ll recommend it….
Are you insecure about whatever i’ve mentioned?? Then i should inform you that the true match concealer over all my scars and marks perfectly on my face.
Need to mention that they don’t have quite many shades of color, but only three for you to choose from them…light, middle and dark shade , please select according to your skin tone. if necessary you can also mix up two shades.
Savanna colors skin primer is something to try on and use primer before using any kind of makeup, as that will give you a better look.
L’Oreal matte Magique compact, if you use it than it will give you a definite good or better makeup finish.

I know this post was long enough than my usual posts but i hope you guys liked this post do let me know if you want me to do more posts like this


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