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I know everyone loves the color Black, even me to…….

This is for every season, every party, every occasion  etc……whenever we look into our closet, the first thing we see are the black dresses. People thinks that black color dresses are not ment for summer wear, as black is the adapter of heat. I say wrong, it depends on the quality, texture and the fabric.

Look at her……

She is wearing a black crop top and a high waist jegging, she looks wonderful and very comfortable. Just added a golden bow yo give an extra mile. This particular dress was bought from FAB-ALLEY. This top gives you proper cut to define your upper body structure, which also gives a look of your waist line and to mention that this crop top material is cotton. Highly recommended. Jeggings are always been a popular outfit for fashion lovers, as it can pain up with most of the tops. For footwear, go for any stilettos, like flat sandals, sleep ons or boots and high heels to get a look more than your height.

Again ill say the something, that is try it and i am sure you will get fabulous comments.

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