Hello Everyone!

I am back again and this time i have got something special for some of my special friends.

We all know that India is a secular country and i respect all the religions, even. I have friends among all the religions.
Today i bring to you, the HIJAB fashion for all friends who is a believer and follower of the Islam religion.

Coming to the main point.
It’s not only about Hijab, but the modest way of clothing to suit your fashion along with it while keeping your ethics in your mind.

You can wear full sleeve tops with long flair skirts, full sleeve maxi dress up-to your heel length, full sleeve shirts with trouser for office wear, full sleeve shirt/top with A line skirts and palazzo pants with you hijab. As per as my pics, if you see then you can notice that i am wearing a full sleeve black color top and a long flair white skirt with black flower prints on it with a broad black waist belt and obviously the Hijab. it’s giving a perfect look and trust me if you try any of the above mentioned style, it will not only keep you in your ethics as per as your religion, but also give you a wonderful look to get praises from everyone and will also enhance your confidence.

That is all for now and do take good care of yourself. And don’t forget i will be looking forward for your response, comment and follows.


Love & regards

Aisha mahdi

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