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Today i’m writing some advisory tips to look good while travelling in this summer season. I don’t know how many of you get a summer vacation,but you do plan a holiday in every year, be it any season, so let’s get back to the point.You may visit any hill station, beaches, deserts or forests, train or during longer short journey, ( be it flight, train or roadways ) you need to have some skin care to be yourself.

Using primer for your makeup

Always use a primer, whether you put on any kind of light or heavy makeup, be it, day time or night. Make sure you apply the primer on your neck as well along with your face.

Keeping your skin dry and smooth

Do carry blotting papers, face napkin, tissue papers or cleaner. We all sweat, mostly in the summer or you can say at the hotter region even though anybody having a dry skin texture. Do not rub your skin with anyone of them, just dub and pat dry.

Proper usage of hydrating mist & sun scream

Spirits with hydrating mist will freshen up and hydrate your skin to moisturize but use it before you apply any kind of makeup. Also carry a makeup remover, cleanser, face wash and a mask ( brightening ) . Also carry a water proof sun scream, which you can apply while going under the sun and remove it as soon as you come back to the hotel , hotel or anywhere you’re staying at ….

Hope you look good clean & fresh in this summer and have a lovely vacation .

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